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Clean Out Your Closet!


Admit it. You’ve always wanted to wear the one with the elbow patches. As an adjunct … you can!

We’ve Found Our Investor

Black LogoBlack and white, black and white! Mighty zebras, fight fight fight! Stand together, dominate. Mighty zebras, O-B-GREAT!

What’s got us so proud of O’Brien University this morning? Well, we’ve found our investor — Devin Chopin, a Mighty Zebra from OBU’s Class of 2002.

Devin’s a big fan of the site, having followed our growth through the various updates we’ve submitted to the OBU newsletter. Given our mutual love of comedy and our alma mater, his cash and our brains were a natural match.

Most importantly, though, Devin sees the vision behind “The Breakfast Menu.” He’s on-board for what we’re planning, and giving us his full support. He’s allowing us full creative control, and won’t be providing any editorial input. “The Breakfast Menu” that debuts on this site is the same one we announced back on June 3rd.

We’re thrilled to serve you this exceptional dish. Open your mouths and get ready.

Wag those tongues,
John & Nick

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Glass Half Full

You’re almost there! More than enough reason to celebrate!


From All Walks Of Life!


We won’t even read your resume as long as you have a degree. Apply today!

L.O.L. Bean, Fall 2015


Always a big day at John & Nick HQ when the new L.O.L. Bean catalog arrives! Can’t wait to browse it.

Secret’s Safe With Us!


Your students can’t see the paychecks. The equality extends almost every which way when you’re an adjunct!

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