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Our parents bought us an ampersand.

Equal Time

We have to plead ignorance on this one. Nick and I had no idea about the “equal time rule” until we were contacted by Fat Dom’s opponent over the weekend. Apparently we need to let him run an ad here for free since we did the same for our pal Dom. So here it is:


We’ll get back to regular programming tomorrow. Sorry for another political interruption.

Emma Stoned #4

Emma Stone should just come out in support of legalization at this point.

Corporate Synergy At Its Best

We’re disappointed to share that Buzzfeed has rejected yet another piece of ours (previously: 1, 2, 3, 4). Nick and I REFUSE to be silenced, so, as usual, we’re posting it here instead:

There’s nothing we love more than corporate synergy. And one of our favorite bits of brand-strengthening synergy exists between the ABC Network and their corporate parents at Disney. Every year, we seem to be treated to a great mash-up when our favorite characters from our favorite ABC shows vacation at a Disney Resort. Here’s a list of our most beloved ABC/Disney adventures:


Our favorite sitcom of all-time, The Middle, visited Disney World just this past year!



As did our favorite drama of all-time, Scandal!



Who could forget when Cory and Shawn of Boy Meets World met the Beast?



The cast of Super Fun Night later paid homage to that episode in their own Disney-set adventure.



The world’s most traditional family took the world’s most believable trip when the Full House gang set off for Disney World.



Of course, Disney World welcomes non-traditional families as well, which was certainly proven in our favorite Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode.


One of the thrills of these episodes must be playing around in the park while you’re not shooting. Here, some of the cast of Modern Family enjoys one of Disney’s great rides.



Hurley from Lost enjoyed a movie and some dinner in-between takes of Lost‘s classic time travel episode set at Disney World.



Ultimately, though, we love these episodes because there’s really nothing quite like seeing some of our favorite live-action characters meet our favorite animated characters, like when Roseanne‘s Darlene met Winnie the Pooh.



Or like when Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. Izzie Stevens met Frozen‘s Anna and Elsa!

Thanks for reading! We can’t wait to see what ABC and Disney have in store for us next!

Go Dom Go!


Our good friend Fat Dom is currently running for mayor of Romer, PA. When he asked us if he could run one of his ads on our site, we couldn’t possibly turn him down.

Best of luck, Dom! Get out the vote, John and Nick fans!

Emma Stoned #3

Emma needs a new publicist.

QUIZ: Disney World or 9/11 Memorial & Museum?

Welcome to the debut Quiz! Below, you’ll find 14 Tips from Each one either comes from the Yelp page for Disney World or the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. You’ll find an answer key at the end of the quiz to check your score.

1. Tip1

2. Tip2

3. Tip3

4. Tip4

5. Tip5

6. Tip6

7. Tip7

8. Tip8

9. Tip9

10. Tip10

11. Tip11

12. Tip12

13. Tip13

14. Tip14 Answers below the jump.

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